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About Christie Jimenez-Lee

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Welcome! I am Christie Jimenez-Lee.

My job is to break language barriers. I have been living a trilingual life since I was eight years old. My mission in life is to give voice to those people and stories that require the filter of interpretation and translation in the English, Spanish and French language pairs.

I am a New York State -certified Court Interpreter (Spanish) and translator with experience as a court interpreter for The Unified Court System of New York State, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office,  and East Hampton Town Justice Court. I also work for private law offices and have extensive experience in interpreting for a wide variety of judicial proceedings and translating legal documents.

I also have an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Miami (Florida) and an MA in Performance Studies from New York University to go along with my Certificate in Court Interpreting (from NYU as well). With a background in teaching writing,  performance, art gallery work, film and investment banking, I have a deep and diverse well of knowledge to draw from.

I believe that languages are perspectives, each rich and distinct; therefore, they have their own personalities. They are spiced uniquely. Each language is a world, a state of mind; another self to be explored. I work in three of them: English Spanish and French. Thinking in a different language is very different  from thinking in English. It is a whole new world I tap into. I keep all of this in mind as I pursue my work.

I so look forward to fulfilling all of your language needs!